About Us



We are providing ERP Remote Access & Installation remotely and we have almost all ERP IDES server access for Education & Demo purpose only.

IDES Remote ACCESS was created by a group of Basis professionals that were tired of seeing inadequate server access for practicing on various technologies. We decided that we would help our fellow student community by providing the fastest and most complete servers in various technologies with the best quality possible. We would love to help you out in any way possible for your needs.

What we do NOT do:

Our BASIS support services are limited to the BASIS component of the system - we do not provide any training related tips or tricks for any system. WE DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE ANY SAP COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS OR SOFTWARE!!!! Please do not ask for it! We do not fix any IMG issues in the systems. Please refer to the Policies for complete details (at registration stage).

We are more than happy to provide you refund within 7 days of your purchase if you are not happy with our service, however is only valid when a genuine reason can be provided with evidences:

 ERP TRAINING TECH is not associated with SAP AG. We charge for the support services only, not for the actual SAP System access. All trademarks mentioned on this web site belongs to their owners. We do not share or distribute ANY personal information we collect on this web site.

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