SAP - Unlock & Reset Password

SAP - Unlock & Reset Password

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Use comma (,) to separte user IDs if more than one.
Please, note that the number of users must match the quantity in your cart.
The number of user that will be unlocked will take in consideration the quantity purchased.
If the quanty is smaller than the users to be unlocked, the last users will be disregarded.

Please read our T&C. 

Due to the high demand on unlock and reset password, ERP Training Tech will be charging a very small fee for this process. 

Make sure you don't share your password with anyone or use your access in more than one pc/laptop. 

If we identify that you access is being used in more than one machine your password will be locked immediately and unlock fee will be applied. 

The fee to lost and reset password is $1.99  but to unlock a dual pc usage a $10 fee will be applied.